Have a look to epic rides made from Bednbikes friends ! 

Have a look what means climbing the hard Blockhaus . 1500 meters of difference in altitude during only 16 kilometers . This is the third hardest ascent in Italy after Mortirolo e Zoncolan in North Italy
From Sabina to the unspoiled mountains between Abruzzo and Lazio , straight to the lonely Santuario of Santissima Trinità with a challenging climb of 16 kms across panoramic views and unforgettable scenarios .
From Roma to Cesenatico in memory of Marco Pantani . The great Pirata trained very often on this terrible climb with peaks of 18%. Our friends of the Team Cicli Rossi Canottieri Roma - Bianchi have faced this climb after 300 km even starting from Rome !!!
Crossing the Appennino peaks to see this unbelievable show . From Rieti to Castelluccio di Norcia to admire the incredible show of the lentil bloom during the month of June. Our heroes of the D'Angeli Rieti Cycling Team have faced this epic ride with temperatures close to 35 degrees !!